Upgrading your Business Broadband? But which one?

Connectivity is becoming a necessity for organisations with many needing faster and more reliable service to ensure business continuity. For commercial broadband buyers there are many to choose from and each will have their advantages and disadvantages.


Popular choice, as it uses the same infrastructure as standard ADSL connections but, it can provide up to 3 times greater connection speeds. However, the actual speeds you’ll get depends on the distance between the premise and the exchange.

Fibre to the Premise (FTTP)

Is considered as one of the fastest options because it involves running a cable from a nearby exchange straight to your business premises. Installation costs are subject to survey, as the ISP need to assess how much digging will be involved to connect the premise to the exchange. It takes on average 3 months to install and it is not available everywhere.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

Similar to FTTP this is where a cable is running from a nearby cabinet to the premise and it is not available everywhere. It is considered to be a solution that is a cross between copper broadband and Ethernet First Mile.

Fibre on Demand

Also known as FTTP On Demand enable customers to access speeds up to 330Mbps by extending a fibre-optic broadband connection from the nearest cabinet to the premise.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

One of the lower-cost lease line options. Instead of using fibre, it uses existing copper lines to connect the business premise to the local exchange – making it more cost-efficient and faster to install. It is a contented service but, you will receive the same upload and download speeds unlike ADSL.


Is a way of transmitting information by using electromagnetic waves and it is widely used for point-to-point communication. It has a small wavelength, with high frequency and the antennas are pointed directly at the receiving antenna. Due to the high frequency it has a large capacity to carry data but, this technology is limited when there are hills and mountains in the line of sight because the waves cannot pass through.

Leased Line – Ethernet

It is a private line that permanently connects two locations; either Internet Leased Line a connection between a service provider and a customer or a ‘Point-to-Point Leased Line’ which is a connection between two customer sites. It is an uncontended connection, offering the same upload and download speeds, making it a reliable and stable connection. Dedicated Ethernet leased lines also comes with a Service Level Agreement.

To help improve connections for businesses and support economic growth the UK Government is currently running a Connection Voucher scheme across the UK. The scheme offers ‘connection vouchers’ worth up to £3000 to help SMEs, Charities and Social Enterprises towards improving or upgrading their current broadband connectivity.

By upgrading broadband connections companies can benefit from improve reliability, increase productivity, enhanced communication with stakeholders and better service speeds. For more help on choosing your business broadband please feel free to contact Netshield today.


SuperConnected Coventry Event – 23rd May

We recently published a blog post regarding the Government Connection Voucher scheme where eligible SMEs, Social Enterprises and Charities could be entitled to a maximum £3000 grant to upgrade their current internet connections.

On the 23rd May at St Mary’s Guildhall, Netshield will be exhibiting as a registered supplier at the SuperConnected Coventry event; aimed to promote the scheme.

At the event SMEs will be able find out more about the scheme,  the streamlined application process, meet suppliers and the SuperConnected Coventry project team. The free event will be from 8.30am to 11.30am. Why not come and join us? To register please go to http://bit.ly/1mG9r1e

SuperConnect Event - Coventry

23rd May – SuperConnect Event, St. Mary’s Guildhall

Get Connected – Government Connection Voucher Scheme

Did you know in 2013, 36 million, 73% of adults in Great Britain accessed the Internet every day (National Statistics – Internet Access) but, there are still areas within Great Britain that are poorly connected which can have a negative impact on business operations.

Businesses need internet connection to communicate with customers, suppliers and stakeholders, they need to be able to use social media, business cloud applications and much, much more.

With a faster internet connection companies can benefit from:-

  • Improve reliability and speed of service
  • Improve competitiveness in local and international markets leading to business growth
  • Enable better communication with stakeholders
  • Increase productivity with more efficient working
  • Better data storage and accessibility

To help improve connections for businesses and to support economic growth the UK Government is currently running a Connection Voucher scheme across the UK. The scheme offers ‘connection vouchers’ worth up to £3000 to help small to medium size businesses, Charities and Social Enterprises to help towards improving or upgrading their current broadband connectivity.

The 22 SuperConnected Cities within the programme are: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Derry/Londonderry, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Newport, Oxford, Perth, Portsmouth, Salford, York.

You could be considered for a grant if you:-

  • are based in an eligible area
  • a SME, Charity or Social Enterprise
  • have not received more than approximately £120k in grants in the last 3 years
  • select a service that delivers speed or performance improvements
  • are willing to sign up for a minimum 6 months contract with chosen supplier

The maximum £3000 grant can be used towards initial installation charges and the organisation will need to pay for all ongoing monthly charges which can differ from current costs depending on which type of connect you choose.

The connections such as Fibre To The Premise (FTTP), Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Fibre on demand, Fixed Wireless Access, Ethernet First Mile (EFM), Microwave, Ethernet Leaseline and Wireless Leaselines could all potentially qualify for the government connections voucher scheme.

As a listed supplier, if you are interested and would like to discuss further please feel free to email us below or give us a call on 0845 603 5552.