Why Technical Certificate is a Must…

When you take your car to a mechanic, you do so with the belief that someone qualified will take a look under the bonnet.  The same holds true for when you need to get your computer fixed or a cavity filled. For all the important things we can’t do ourselves, we expect the person who does them has a certain level of skill and competency that has been certified.

Why should backing up and recovering your business data be any different?

The rise in the volume of data that a company needs to manage has grown exponentially over the last few years. In turn, businesses are looking for ways to backup and restore that data, as a data-loss event could spell the end of the business. However, the growth in data has led to the growth of the number of various cloud backup and recovery providers, some of which lack the proper qualifications to keep your data safe and secure. There’s a glut of fly-by-night backup providers who are willing to take your money, but when it comes to time to restore the data, they fail to deliver on their promises.

One way for clients to ensure that they are getting top quality backup and recovery service is to go with a cloud service provider that has certified staff. One such managed service provider is Netshield, a specialist in the delivery of complete managed and serviced IT services. Netshield offers Asigra Cloud Backup software as part of their NetRecover offering, which is designed to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.

Netshield recently had two engineers complete Level 1 Training at Asigra, with the aim of providing the best quality cloud backup service. Even though they just finished the training, they are now able to fully utilize Asigra software – prior to training they were utilizing about 75%, but after the four-day training program they are utilizing the full 100% of the software. Netshield has already begun to see the benefits of the training, experiencing an increase in efficiency and performing quicker deployments, all of which means improved service for their customers.

To enable partners to help their clients even more, Asigra recently launched the industry’s first tiered technical cloud backup and recovery certification program.  Focused on the individual, this new certification program will benefit the cloud backup and recovery industry by raising the level of technical competency and knowledge. Cloud service providers will know that they are making the right hiring decision, and their clients will sleep better knowing that their data is being protected by certified individuals.

Do you agree that certification is a must to guarantee proven cloud backup experience and knowledge?  Would you trust a service provider who has had no training with your data?



Netshield has been Shortlisted for International Trade Award!!

We just found out, that we have been shortlisted for Midlands Business Insider International Trade award, within the Technology category! The winners are set to be announced at a black-tie dinner at the national Motorcycle museum on July 12th.

At the dinner, not only will we find out the results but, we will hear from Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, founder of the Warwickshire Manufacturing Group and Crispin Simon, managing director of UKTI’s Trade Development Group – two of the country’s most important people in international trade.

You cannot imagine how excited we all are at Netshield HQ, it is certainly time to polish off those dancing shoes and cocktail dresses while keeping our fingers-crossed at all times to find out results.

Definitely exciting times…


Netshield Selects Asigra For Cloud Backup Managed Services

LONDON – April 25th 2012 Asigra, a leading Cloud Backup™, Recovery and Restore (BURR) software provider since 1986, announced today that Netshield Ltd, a specialist provider of managed IT services based in the Midlands, selected Asigra Cloud Backup™ to power its managed data backup and recovery service.

“After months of testing other backup solutions we chose Asigra because of the capabilities, flexibility and reliability it offers its partners,” said Richard Carty, commercial director at Netshield. “In addition, Asigra offers huge advantages of being able to restore entire physical servers to dissimilar hardware and virtual machines. As an agentless backup, Asigra is easier to deploy and manage. Asigra has reduced our working practices by over 50%, and we will use it to enhance our client’s experience by reducing backup time, a significant issue for many organisations.”

With over 17 years of experience, Netshield has become a leading provider of complete managed IT services with a reach across the UK and Europe. By delivering the right infrastructure and well-implemented and diligently managed IT services, Netshield consistently seeks to provide a high-quality experience and had built a reputation of innovation and expertise. Netshield will use Asigra Cloud Backup™ to power NetRecover, a comprehensive business continuity service that provides complete backup, security and minimal downtime in the case of a disaster or data loss event. Netshield also offers NetHost, a complete hosting and security package; NetManage, a full range of managed IT services; NetSupport, expert IT support; and NetWork, bespoke IT infrastructure.

“We are pleased that Netshield is using Asigra Cloud Backup to power their NetRecover service,” said Eran Farajun, executive vice president, Asigra. “By joining our global partner ecosystem, Netshield can create new opportunities to scale business quicker and increase profitability. We look forward to collaborating with Netshield as they continue to grow.”

Follow Asigra on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/asigra

Follow Netshield on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/netshieldltd

Netshield joins the blogging community… with a Business IT & Continuity Blog

This year seems to be flying by and it has already been an eventful 2012, with new relationships built, experiences and new lessons learnt. The IT world is certainly fast-moving.

We thought what an ideal time to start and launch something new – Netshield’s very own blog, aiming to unravel, update and discuss topics revolving around ‘Business IT and Continuity’; as they say ‘the only thing constant is change’, especially in the world of technology.

So watch this space…