Which hosting service is the best fit?

Take a look at hosting providers and the services they offer, and it can feel like a minefield of choices! Here’s our breakdown of the most popular options, cloud and dedicated to hopefully lend a helping hand!



‘Cloud Hosting’ involves your environment being held on a shared virtual network. This option is very cost effective as you only pay for what you use.

Despite the sharing of hardware, the performance, security and control is still exactly the same as on-premise. Perhaps the biggest benefit of cloud hosting is the ability to scale up and down the resources you need within seconds. This is especially important for companies that regularly change their user numbers or have plans to expand and makes the whole process a lot quicker.

Not only can the costs of outright hardware purchase be saved, the rolling costs of additional office space for cabs, power, cooling and provision of internet connectivity can also be lowered. Often these costs are not factored in when making the choice between on-premise or hosted but can take up quite a chunk of outgoings!

Dependant on the service agreement, the hosting provider could also handle backups, patching, upgrades and general maintenance, removing the pressure from any in-house IT staff allowing more important tasks be dealt with.



This option involves the rental or purchase of hardware on which is yours, so no other business will ‘share’ the environment with you. Dedicated hosting is more suited to companies who have a steady capacity demand that is unlikely to change over time, or those with exceptionally high level of security needs.

Unless support is provided as an ‘add on’ service, a downside is still needing an in house IT team to handle patches, upgrades and general support issues. Lead times for any additional resource is also considerably longer than cloud hosting, as extra hardware may need to be ordered.

For high availability and DR environments, the costs can also be very high with double the hardware, software and man hours needed to arrange the setup, maintenance and support.

Support may not be included as part of the service agreement for dedicated environments; not an issue should you still have an in-house IT team, but another cost to think about should you be relying on the data centre provider for this!


The Choice is Yours..

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for hosted options, as every business has different needs. Netshield can help you, and also provide exactly what you require. For more information about our cloud and dedicated hosting options, contact us today. 

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