Do you have any projects, in the near future, which will require Professional IT Consultancy Services?

Look no further. Here at Netshield we are now offering these IT services at a discounted rate until 22nd December 2017. These IT consultancy days are brought with a vision to the future. Ask yourself, have I got any projects scheduled which will require consultancy days? Do I require on site assistance? Would professional IT consultancy benefit my business?

Our IT consultancy days, when brought, are ‘banked’ and can be used at any point in which you need them. Perfect for long and short term IT projects and can be used for any onsite assistance your business may need.  The benefit of purchasing IT Consultancy Days in advance is that you will provide the business with a big saving from the normal ad-hoc rates.  The site visits are done by some of the best IT Professionals in the industry, our team will ensure that your objectives are met to the highest possible standards and that you are satisfied with the service received.  Netshield also have a number of IT Professionals and therefore we can provide our IT Professional Services Worldwide if required.

Special offer from ourselves, complimentary of our amazing consultants, if you buy a bulk load of ten plus IT consultancy days then we will provide you with an extra day free of charge on us as a thank you.

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Currently we are the proud owners of two Twitter pages, @NetshieldUK and @NetshieldEU. This is all going to change as of this Friday. Friday the two accounts will combine to create NetshieldGlobal. The aim of this is to provide our audience with consistent organised content related to our company and the world of IT from one solo place.

As well as this there is more exciting news which we are proud to announce…

Netshield is undergoing a brand refresh, exact details cannot yet be announced, however, in the next coming weeks you can look forward to our social media accounts and website being given some TLC and for them to come out the other side looking phenomenal thanks to the work of Inlife design.

We are passionate about growing our online presence and we are sure that this is the start of this coming to life and us being a much more prominent figure on your phones, tablets and PCs going into the future.


As well as this all of our fantastic services are able to view on our current website, . 

Our contact details are,

0333 200 1636.


The pressure and stress of IT looms over everybody and in day to day business environments, often there just isn’t the time or resources for it. The need for continuous, proactive support for your business is growing more and more necessary. Why constantly worry about your systems when you can have the peace of mind that they are being monitored and any issues are being worked on before you need to contact us? We offer our NetSupport service to combat the issues with IT and to provide the best service for our customers.

But why choose our support service?

Access To Our IT Support Helpdesk.

With our 1st-3rd line telephone support and remote services we are able to provide fast responses to critical issues by securely accessing your network, servers and work on your problem through a ‘remote hands’ basis. Our highly trained team are all willing to go above and beyond to make themselves and our services work together in unison with your business to achieve the best possible outcome.

 Hardware Support. 

We offer comprehensive IT Hardware Support thats provides you with break-fix IT Support for desktops, laptops, servers, network equipment and storage. It can join all of your current support, maintenance and care packages into one manageable contract.

Our IT Hardware Support contracts support your businesses critical hardware so you get peace of mind that if a problem was to surface they are looked at by certified technical engineers to ensure high quality IT Support at all times.

IT Monitoring.

Computer systems, applications and desktops can be erratic and often prevention is better that a cure. IT monitoring can be included within our NetSupport package and it allows disaster prevention, helping to ensure high levels of integrity and performance from your network.

IT monitoring includes,

  • Security Breaches
  • Network Device Failures
  • Application Efficiency
  • Databases
  • Network Infrastructures.

Security Services.

Increased levels of data security breaches reflects the importance of protection for your IT systems. We have a range of IT security services which can help you maintain security within your businesses IT.

  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • IT Network Security Health Check
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Firewall Installation, Configuration, Administration and Maintenance.


We take away the pressure of ICT and ensure that systems are working perfectly. Save your business time and money by contacting us today with requirements and we will tailor our services to fit your business.

Call – 0333 200 1636.


Email – with your requirements.