Protecting Your Remote Workers.

Remote working is a great ability to have for your business. Gone are the days when bad weather, lack of childcare and pesky car problems meant you lose half your workforce at 8AM. Some businesses even have workers based at home, or their own office permanently.

Although remote working provides many advantages, it is important to be aware of the potential threats that this can provide.

Stolen Information and Credentials

We’ve all seen suited up business workers sat in fast food chains, high street coffee shops and hotels with their laptops and phones in front of them, working on what we can only imagine is something that cannot wait. However, working from public untrusted wi-fi poses a massive risk, with information and credentials open to being collected.

Solution: Use your own wireless hotspot, avoid connecting to hotel and restaurant wi-fi where possible.

Out of Date Systems

It can be difficult to keep remote user’s devices completely up to date with the latest patches released for their Operating System, as manual patching is used or it’s just not seen as a priority. However, patching should always be a priority, more so for machines that are not always on the company network.

The recent WannaCry cyber-attacks exploited a weakness in Microsoft operating systems. Patches were released for this risk back in March 2017, but still, the attack was able to affect computers in 12 countries, including the NHS. Microsoft also took the unusual step of releasing a patch for unsupported operating systems such as XP and Windows Server 2003.

Solution: We strongly recommended ensuring you have a monthly patch schedule in place across your network to coincide with releases by Microsoft. Patches contain fixes to weaknesses which is why it’s critical to stay up to date, with new weaknesses being discovered by security experts.


Patching may be harder for your remote workers, with some unable to come in to the office and be looked at by IT! However, our NetManaged service allows you to keep all devices, including remote users full patched and protected.

It is always important to protect your IT environment, never more so in the current climate with more cyber-attacks always likely.


Our NetManage service is exceptional and is implemented by some of the best professionals in the field. we look forward to speaking to you soon.


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Combat Phishing With Netshield.

Phishing attacks are becoming all too common and frequent. These attacks are used by fraudsters to get personal information, spread viruses or gain economic benefit for themselves.

Data Security

Email phishing is very common and it can be difficult to detect. This means that your business could be under threat from sophisticated online Email based fraudsters. These people are capable of posing as business directors and owners and asking for money to be transferred into an account as an emergency payment, they can also send viruses through attachments which can subsequently damage data on your PC and invade and collect personal information.

Here at Netshield we have a counter for this, our brilliant NetMail package. NetMail is a fantastic way to reduce the spam that enters your inbox as well as eliminate any phishing attacks.

We realise that the constant worry and panic of phishing is alive and well in today’s world of IT. That is why this fantastic package is set up to give peace of mind and reassurance that your data is safe and sound, and the scams will not be able to reach your inbox.


Netmail offers;

100% virus protection, ensuring that personal information and details are kept safe as is the well being of your PC.

99.92% spam detection, No bulk, sales, phishing or any other general junk Emails are able to reach your inbox.

Business Continuity,

90 archiving,

Data leak prevention,



Why not set your mind at rest and get in touch with us to see what we can do for you? Our team of top quality professionals will be able to cater for your businesses needs.

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Managed Services – Take the Stress out of IT


IT can be stressful. It can place a heavy use and strain on resource, human and equipment, as well as your business wallet!

Managed IT services help you get the most from your systems, without extra pressure on valuable resources and costs.


What Are Managed Services?

A Managed Service is where your IT networks are monitored by an external company, who can investigate and mitigate risks and issues before they occur, often before you have even realised there is a problem! Managed Services are pro-active, and employ preventative care. Issues and problems do not disrupt your business operations, with the trusted IT team ensuring they are dealt with beforehand.


How does my business, and me benefit?

  • Easy access to IT professionals
  • Save time, money and resource
  • Minimise costly downtime
  • Peace of mind – your network is managed by trusted IT experts
  • Bespoke management services to meet your requirements and business needs
  • Constant monitoring, ensuring issues are detected before they develop into larger problems


Great, what if I only want one part of my network Managed?

That’s fine! The service can be tailored to include as little, or as much of your network as you need. Options can range from desktop management, to full infrastructure management. Your choice can include:

  • Firewall Management. Protect your critical information and ensure the highest level of data privacy, access and availability. Ensure you are as protected as possible against malware and unwanted intrusions, with firmware updates and regular security audits occurring.
  • Network Management. We can ensure your network is being optimised and maintained, including both voice and data. Ongoing monitoring and consultancy across all aspects of your network is included.
  • Server and Desktop. We will plan, implement and manage your server and desktop environments. Through patch and update management, firmware upgrades and recommendations, our support and experience will help to reduce your operating costs, minimise downtime, enhance performance and improve service delivery.
  • Network Security. You can rest easy knowing your business network security is managed and maintained, with security patches, anti-virus and network data are all as secure as possible.

Service Level Agreements can also be customised, including 24×7 or 8×5 monitoring.



Consider your dependency on IT. Could you really afford to take the risk of prolonged downtime and unavailability? Give Netshield a call today to discuss your requirements.

The Advantages Of Offsite Backups.

Data is one thing which joins and links all businesses together, they all have and use it. It is part of the day to day running of a business. The data is precious and extremely important. What if a cyber-attack or a corrupt file was to threaten all of that data? As a company you had backed all information onto an onsite server and the server had failed? The data which was backed up is lost, non-recoverable and most of it non reproducible. This can be avoided simply by backing up all data to an offsite location.

The idea that your data can be stored away from your own premises may be a new and daunting one to imagine, so here are five important and factual advantages to storing data in offsite backups.

1. Recovery. In the event of a disaster the restoration of an entire network can be easily achieved saving the time and money needed to re build a network.

2. Business continuity is highly important and a huge advantage. All information assets are protected, meaning that in the event of a disaster, your business can resume working as quickly as possible.

3. The advantage of data loss avoidance is a huge one for businesses. This is because the loss of data may be completely detrimental and can occur during a hardware or network failure.

4. The outsourcing for the location of backups can also be more cost effective as there is little need for investing in expensive hardware that is needed.

5. For a business, knowing that the data and information you store is safe and secure is a huge advantage. Knowing that the stored data is safe and reliably backed up gives the business owner peace of mind that in the event of a disaster, your data and information is safe.

Here at Netshield we offer a NetRecover package where we are able to help with all of the offsite backing up of any data your business may have. Why not give us a call on 0333 200 1636 or please email to see what our fantastic team can do to help reassure your business that if the worst does happen, we can help.