10 New Features of Windows 10

‘One product family, one platform, one store’ is Microsoft’s new motto. The new operating system will run on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs; it will be intuitive, adapting to users devices to provide a positive cross-platform experience. It will also have a few new or enhanced features to help improve user experience and productivity.

Here’s a quick summary:-

  1. Xbox One – for all those Xbox gamers out there, the new OS has cross platform play – allowing all your favourite games to be stream to other Windows 10 devices!XboxOne integration with Windows 10
  2. Communication – Skype will be installed as default. Every Windows 10 user will have access to messaging, calling and video without much set up. In some respects it is Microsoft answer to Apple’s iMessage service but, with Skype’s ability to work on multi-platforms and operating systems makes it the one to watch communication tool in the next few years. skype windows 10
  3. Welcome back Start Menu – it looks similar to the old start menu but, with some features taken from Windows 8.1 Start Screen like the live resizeable tiles, Microsoft just decided to merge them together. windows10_start-menu
  4. Snap-Assist – Snap feature was in Windows 7 and 8 but, it got a little upgrade in this OS! It has been extended to allow up to 4 windows snapped at a time, you can just drag and drop into position. When you snap a window, the new ‘Snap Assist’ will pop-up and display a thumbnail list of open windows for you to snap. Handy, and great for those larger screens!snap windows 10
  5. Voice Control – Wish you can say commands to your desktop like with your smartphone? Microsoft will bring ‘Cortana’, a voice-controlled digital assistant to desktop computers. Users will be able to search files, launch documents, and send emails, by just providing instructions – making multi-tasking a lot easier.Microsoft Cortana Windows 10
  6. Universal Apps – in line with Microsoft’s vision they will be introducing ‘Universal Apps’, applications that will adapt to different user devices i.e. Office with Word, Excel and Powerpoint will be included in Windows 10 phones.Office Universal App Windows 10
  7. Touch Support for Office Apps – The new releases of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook will have touch functions integrated i.e. Outlook swiping entry to the left equals delete (similar to iOS).Touch Support Office Windows 10
  8. New Browser – aka ‘Project Spartan’ will replace ‘Internet Explorer’; features include PDF support, a mode that improves the design of extensive articles and a note taker, that allows the user to scribble on the page and share it via social networks. Cortana support is also integrated into Project Spartan, allowing it to pull appropriate data together at your command. Project Spartan Windows 10
  9. Notification Centre – Similar to smartphones notifications and alerts will be in a centralised place. Users will just have to click the bottom right of the task bar and all the notifications for apps, new emails to Windows update security alerts will appear.Windows 10-Notification-Center
  10. New Photo App – universal app that will run across the different platforms gathering together all the images, cleverly removing any duplicates and storing it in one place. Auto Enhancement can also be activated, adjusting things like brightness and red eye removal.windows-10-photos-app

Although certain Windows 10 features are not ‘new’ but just tweaks it seems to be a good combination of its predecessors and it is a step in the right direction for Microsoft one platform and product family goal. If you would like more information on Microsoft products, upgrades or our IT services please feel free to contact us.



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