Why Sticking with Windows XP is a bad idea…

It’s time to move on now if you are still running Windows XP after the support ended…

Windows XP is no longer covered by Microsoft, since 8th April 2014 Microsoft stopped providing security updates, hotfixes, bug fixes, service packs and online technical assistance. Microsoft has been warning people and businesses about it for months but, there are still an estimated 27% of desktops worldwide running on Windows XP according to Netmarketshare.

Since the end of support your system could be exposed to serious risks and security threats. Windows XP have vulnerabilities like any other operating system but, when it was still supported Microsoft would provide patches and updates to resolve these vulnerabilities. But now unprotected, who to say cybercriminals won’t write a piece to malicious software just targeted at XP machines?

So beware, data on the over a decade-old system won’t be fully protected even if anti-virus software is installed, as cybercriminals can exploit the vulnerabilities or the ‘gaps’ within the system security to steal or corrupt data.

System not connected to the internet? If it is connected to a network it can still be a door for malicious software, acting like a carrier and allow the software to infiltrate and infect other computers running Windows 7 or 8 on the network.

If you’re still on XP at work or at home it is time to complete the migration to a new operating system to help keep all your information safe, from those who wish to exploit the unsupported system. The risk is there so, upgrade your operating system to protect your data and network!


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