Data Backup – Why is it Important to Carry Out?

Corporations often rely heavily on data to be operational but, what happens if suddenly the data is gone, compromised or corrupted? Would the business be able to resume operations quickly? According to the Strategic Research Institute, companies who are unable to resume processes within 10 days in event of a disaster are unlikely to survive more than a year!

By securely backing-up business data and applications it could aid the survival of a company if there was a issue because it provides contingency – a backup could be the saviour of a data disaster.

Data loss can occur due to a number of reasons like the business being a victim of cybercrime, human errors, data corruption, hardware failures and even natural disasters. By having data backup in place it would help lower the potential negative impact on the business due to data loss related issues.

As data incidences cannot be predicted corporations must schedule regular backup’s. The term ‘regular’ is dependent on the type of data that is being backup up. For example for data files that are used and amended everyday, it should be backed-up every day.

It is great to carry out backup procedures and schedule it regularly but, it is another story as to whether the backup has actually worked – it has been found that companies that tested tape backup sources found discrepancies or failures in the data 77% of the time.

So, good practice would be to regularly check whether the data is correctly stored, especially when using traditional tape backup. If you are currently in the process of choosing a backup solution, a ‘Cloud Backup’ solution is said to be more reliable and accurate compared to traditional tape. For more information on Data Backup and Recovery Services that Netshield offers please contact us today.

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