What are Next Generation Firewalls?

Firewalls are a piece of software or hardware that helps to prevent unauthorized access to a computer or an IT network by screening out viruses, worms and hackers. As cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated the traditional firewall are now being replaced by the ‘Next Generation Firewall’ (NGFW).

Next Generation Firewalls

While traditional firewalls looks at IT network protection as a whole, the Next Generation Firewalls have the additional functionality of securing applications and web content. They have integrated intrusion prevention, allowing network administrators to apply controls at the application layer. They also have deep packet inspection, with the capability to detect malicious malware and web content. For network administrators on NGFW devices you can gain more insight on the network usage by adding the reporting and monitoring tools on the device.

Why use one?

It is important for businesses to assess their current IT network for vulnerabilities on a regular basis and whether the current infrastructure would protect the business against the evolving malicious threats.  With the growing usage of social media and internet for work purposes, NGFW will give businesses the extra protection they need. A NGFW device will also provide a cost-effective way adding an additional layer of content and application protection while providing a management system into one device.