Have you retired your Windows XP and upgrade to Window 7?

Last year we saw the launch of Window 8 and it completely changed the traditional interface of a Microsoft Operating System, like removing the start menu. There was also an announcement from Microsoft that the support for Windows XP will end in April 2014 after 13 years of service. So, you will not be able to receive any further updates/patches which could lead to the systems being less secure.

In recent research it has shown businesses who are looking to upgrade their systems now they will overwhelmingly choose Windows 7 over Windows 8 or Vista. It is the obvious choice because it is stable, secure, easy to use and compatible with a wide range of applications. The user experience also has a remarkably similar interface to XP which is helpful for less tech-savvy members of the team whereas, in Window 8 you will be faced with a board tiles on the homepage.

Here are our 7 advantages of Windows 7

1.Everything just seems easier
You’ll take to Windows 7 like a duck to water. Built-in troubleshooters help you fix printing issues, connect to networks and use multimedia and much more.

2. Get better security built-in.
It has a ‘Windows Defender’ built-in to boost the security of your computer against spyware and unwanted software. Alerts are simpler and easier to take action on. And Windows 7 also supports fingerprint readers to unlock your computer or device!

3. Have all your files instantly at hand.
Windows XP was a real workhorse, but Windows 7 works even harder. With an easy to use search bar, all your files and documents are instantly available when you need them.

4. Organise your wireless connections.
Windows 7 automatically remembers all your wireless connections so you’ll only need to set them up once.

5. Hassle-free backups.
Backups can be a pain, which is why Windows 7 has improved XP’s great ‘System Restore’ feature so it can now also backup automatically.

6. There’s no need to abandon older applications.
Continue to use your old applications because most of them (even though they were designed for Windows XP) will run perfectly with Windows 7 too.

7. Extend the life of your existing PC.
It’s what’s inside that counts and the same is true for your PC. You don’t need to upgrade your computer hardware to enjoy a faster and more efficient computer especially when the benefits of Windows 7 are just a click away.

However, there are positives of the Window 8 operating system too like speedy boot time, dynamic desktop, improve search function and Windows live syncing. But the differentiating feature is ‘Windows To Go’ as it offer users convenience allowing users to make a copy of their operating system complete with their settings, wallpapers files and even applications into a USB thumb drive.  So once you plug it into another computer with Windows 8, everything looks just like your desktop!!

But, the decision is yours.

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Managed IT service provider Netshield, Exporting Success Praised by UKTI CEO

Nick Baird, Chief Executive of UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) recently visited Midlands managed IT service provider, Netshield to learn first hand how the company has achieved its outstanding success overseas.

The company was crowned the Best Newcomer at the ‘Golden Bridge Export Awards’ which recognises outstanding achievements in exporting between Britain and Belgium at an award ceremony in London, in November last year.

The recent Netshield achievements led to a visit to the Aldridge based company by Nick Baird, Chief Executive of UKTI, Jon Harding, Chief Operating Officer, UKTI and Paul Noon, new West Midlands Regional Director, UKTI. The aim was to meet owner and Commercial Director Richard Carty and discuss in detail the company’s successes and how these can be developed further into new markets.

Nick Baird, Chief Executive UKTI commented: “I wanted to visit Netshield to hear first hand how this company has achieved such outstanding results in global markets. The company’s success is an excellent example of what can be achieved when firms work with UKTI and others to maximise success overseas. With the extra £70m in funding that UKTI will receive for each of the next two years, we’ll be in a position to help more regional companies succeed overseas. I hope the success of companies like Netshield will inspire more West Midlands firms to pick up the phone and call their local UKTI team based at their Chambers of Commerce.”

Netshield’s exporting journey began when the company took part in a UKTI trade mission to Belgium in 2010. Netshield then joined UKTI’s Gateway to Global Growth scheme and commissioned research into potential markets in Belgium. The firm started working with UKTI trade advisors in Brussels and in the UK and joined local chambers of commerce to build its network and established a local office in Brussels. Netshield also invested internally to improve its service infrastructure, opened a new datacentre, created an in-house marketing department and rebranded all its services for a global audience.

Richard Carty, owner and Commercial Director of Netshield says: “Our export success all began with the UKTI led mission to Brussels. The visit was an excellent introduction into the Belgium market and we came away with a wealth of demographic, political, geographical and financial information and its suitability for doing business from the UK. By the beginning of 2012 we began to build up our client base and from there word of our reputation began to spread. We’ve continued to be proactive in our marketing and business development and have exhibited at industry events such as Infosecurity 2012 at the Brussels Expo, which has led to relationships being forged further afield, such as Netherlands and Luxembourg.”

Richard continues:“By working with UKTI and local chambers we have already exceeded our exporting targets before the financial year end. We’ve found our UKTI International Adviser very supportive and informative at all stages of the journey.”

From Left to Right: Paul Noon, West Midlands Regional Director, UKTI, Richard Carty, Commercial Director,  Netshield Limited, Nick Baird, Chief Executive of UKTI and Jon Harding, Chief Operating Officer, UKTI.

From Left to Right: Paul Noon, West Midlands Regional Director, UKTI, Richard Carty, Commercial Director, Netshield Limited, Nick Baird, Chief Executive of UKTI and Jon Harding, Chief Operating Officer, UKTI.

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