Business of Cybercrime: Part 2 – ‘The Business IT Landscape’

In recent years we have seen the benefits of the development of new technologies within the workplace; the developments have introduced terms such as ‘Bring Your Own Device’, ‘Cloud Computing’ and the ‘Mobile Workforce’ causing the changes in the business IT environment. With such changes with technology and the way individuals are working, cybercrime is evolving too…

Common problems with IT security today:

  • Threats are constantly changing and increasing
  • Data is everywhere and continuously growing
  • Users are becoming more mobile, using many different devices

With these changes in the business IT environment, the mobility of end users and the IT security issues involved, it is not surprising that many IT departments are not embracing the trend of BYOD or encouraging the company to move towards a more mobile workforce and considering it as a ‘foe’. But there are some companies that see the benefits of these changes as discussed in ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Friend or Foe to Businesses?’ blog post.

It can be said often the concern is not necessary due to the types of Data Security threats such as Spam, Viruses or Malware because the underlying threat remain the same but, it evolves and changes its form – It is the fact that BYOD could lead to the IT infrastructure prone to more vulnerabilities, allowing more avenues for hackers to infiltrate the network.

What are your views on today’s IT landscape?


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